Knife care: Am I ruining my cutlery?

Knife care: Am I ruining my cutlery?

Properly caring for your cutlery can extend the life of your knives!

One of our fans wrote to us inquiring about caring for her newly purchased Fini Knives…It’s always great to hear from fans and we’re thrilled to share our tips on how to properly care for your cutlery. So what can you do to extend the life of your knives? Here we have some suggestions you’ll want to consider!

Say goodbye to dishwashers! We recommend washing all Fini knives by hand only! Fini knives are made of German forged steel, and although you may think that good cutlery steel is immune to rust, think again! It isn’t. Overtime, the extended exposure to water, detergent and high temperatures can damage them tremendously. Plus, while inside the dishwasher it’s highly likely that they may bump against each other or other hard objects and this can create unnecessary physical contact that can cause pitting. Please avoid! Your knives will thank you for it!

Drawer storage. Unless you have a dedicated space within the drawer for your cutlery, use a block or a magnetic wall rack! Blocks are designed to hold each knife properly without the risk of getting damaged by other knives or hard objects! Magnetic wall racks are easy to install and can be pretty useful around the kitchen. Either option can work for you too.

Cutting board. After slicing and dicing, do you use your knife blade to clear your board? Well, that’s not a very nice way to treat the cutting edge of your quality Chef’s knife! Flip it over and let the spine do the work!

Do you have any questions, comments, ideas or suggestions? Send us an email to! We love to hear from you! Happy Chopping!

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