FINI Reviews

“Top-Notch! FINI’s wacky handle allows for a proper grip giving you more control when chopping…”
Rachael Ray | Every Day Magazine

“I have 45 years of experience in the hospitality and culinary industry with 33 years of it in technical and competency-based culinary education at the college level.  I am impressed with the simple, modern, innovative elegance and functionality of the knives that FINI cutlery has designed. These knives have sliced through an old paradigm of what a knife can look like and how it safely and intelligently functions in the hand. I fully endorse the FINI line.”
 Earl R. Arrowood, Jr. | A.C.F. Certified culinary educator
American Academy of Chefs

"FINI Cutlery’s revolutionary new design will redefine the culinary arts for generations to come... FINI Knives are engineered for maximum control, precision and speed."
Chef Michael Psilakis | Michelin Star Chef and owner of Kefi, MP Tavern, Fish Tag, MP Stop & Go and MP The Hall, in Brooklyn, NY.

"Fantastic knife. Great work guys, you nailed it!"
Jason D. | Early Adopter

"I'm really pleased with my Fini knife! After a couple of weeks of use I tried my old knife again with a regular handle and it felt so uncomfortable in comparison! This is of the best kickstarters I've invested in! #thankyou"
Allister B. | Early Adopter

" thing is reading about and seeing pictures and video demonstrations, but actually holding and using them is AWESOME. Thank you Fini for a great product!"
John B. | Early Adopter

"Truly amazing knives. Over the years I have accumulated some very expensive knives from all over the world. The two Fini knives I now own have outshone them all. I'm not quite sure what it is, but these knives slice and dice better than anything I currently own!"
Arthur G. | Early Adopter

"WOW!!!  Holy awesome knives FINI. They arrived packaged perfectly and super sharp! The cutlery world just got a wake up call!"
David S. | Early Adopter

"Extremely happy with the quality, packaging and fast delivery!  We had guests over and I couldn't help myself giving them a traditional knife to hold and then the FINI knife...they all held the normal knife wrong and the FINI knife in the right way...huge success!"
Gilad A. | Early Adopter

"My Fini knives are awesome! Super comfy and sharp! You really do end up gripping them naturally and they feel great. I've used them a couple times and so far I'm loving them!"
Valarie M. | Early Adopter

"...thank you for my 8 "knife! Shifting the center of gravity is a huge game changer...I really feel like the knife is an extension of my hand. Such a pleasure to use!"
Jeff B. | Early Adopter

"The grip is super comfortable, the knife is sharp, and it really feels like a super quality knife! Great job FINI for creating such a wonderful knife!"
Jack Y. | Early Adopter

"Beautiful knives. Great build, well-balanced. I picked up one of the knives and it was almost like a magnet!! My hand went into proper grip without even me looking at the handle!!!"
Alfred M. | Early Adopter