Where are FINI knives made?
FINI Cutlery is made from forged German steel at our partner factory in China.  They are masters at their craft and produce some of the best kitchen cutlery in the world.

What kind of steel does FINI use?
We work with German Steel 1.4116, one of the hardest and most resilient metals used in knife production today.

What is the Rockwell Hardness rating of my FINI Knives?
The Rockwell scale is commonly used to measure the hardness of metals. Our knives are made of German forged steel with a score of HRC 58.  Be sure to check out our blog to learn more.

What kind of edge do FINI Knives have?
FINI Cutlery uses a double ground edge, except for certain knives that may have a hollow ground edge, such as the Japanese-inspired Santoku knives.

What is the angle of the edge?
The blade edge of our knives have a 20 degree angle, the optimal angle for sharpness and resiliency.

Are there patents on FINI knives?
FINI Cutlery has multiple patents pending.  And we are filing more!

How long does shipping take?
We ship within 3-5 business days via USPS.  As soon as you order is processed, you’ll receive a separate email with confirmation and tracking information. 

Do my knives come with a warranty?
FINI Cutlery comes with a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee. When you receive your order, carefully inspect the knives.  If you find any problems, or defects, please contact us at info@finicutlery.com and one our customer support representatives will contact you to determine how to best resolve it.

How do I care for my new FINI knives?
FINI Knives have been developed for a lifetime of use with proper care.  Please be sure to use on food products only and try to avoid using on frozen foods, cans or hard cutting surfaces such as glass, metal or granite.  In terms of cleaning, wash by hand and avoid dishwashers… high temperature water and detergents can damage finishes.  To learn more tips about how to care for your FINI knives, be sure to check out our blog.

Any other questions, please feel free to contact us directly!